The primary role is to supervise the Customer Service Representatives and perform routine ice maintenance. Other key functions: ensuring the building is kept clean; customer satisfaction and resolving customer challenges in a timely and friendly manner; all building safety and security protocols are being met; and proper cashout protocols are followed.


Supervise Customer Service Representative

  • Emphasize customer service as our top priority

  • Ensure they are performing duties including but not limited to: promoting programs, providing high quality service, completing building cleanliness processes, program analysis, etc.

  • Support on customer challenges and refunds

  • Adhere to money handling policy and cashout procedure

Perform routine ice maintenance

  • Zamboni duties

  • Ice maintenance including edging

  • Providing and removing adequate training equipment

  • Logging facility maintenance and procedures

Customer safety, building security, and compliance

  • First responder on customer incidents

  • Make tough decisions under pressure

    • Ammonia alarm, on and/or off ice accident, etc.

  • Operations are compliant with local, county, State, and Federal mandates.

    • Enforce COVID protocols 

Programs begin on time

  • Properly start and end events

  • Timely Zamboni ice cut following protocols and training

Job Status: Full-Time,Part-Time

Shift: Day,Evening,Overnight