Posted: 10/10/2021

? Use existing gaps in traffic to help students cross safely. When the natural traffic flow does not allow enough time for children to safely cross a street, a guard may need to create gaps by stopping traffic temporarily. The guard stops traffic with a STOP paddle, then verbally directs children to cross the street. A guard is always the first person in the street and the last person out of the street. ? Discourage children from behaving unsafely near traffic, such as darting into the street without looking or crossing against a traffic signal. A guard can encourage safe behavior by all pedestrians at the school crossing. ? Alert motorists that pedestrians are in the process of using the school crossing. ? Observe and report any incidents or conditions that present a potential safety hazard to the school children or the guard. Mornings & afternoons.(Split Shift) 3 hours per day,15 hours per week. Please apply online. For more information, please call the Downtown Parking Office at 564-5656.

Job Status: Part-Time

Shift: Day